Forget the boring dial tone. Let your friends and family listen to your favorite songs or scripts while waiting for you to pick up the call.

Types of Ring Back Tones


Ring Back Tones

Ringback tones are what callers hear while they wait for the person they called to answer the phone. MISC offers a huge variety of contents in different categories. We also offer many special and exclusive contents.

Types of Ringtones

Name Category Copyright
Saad al Ghamdi Islamic
Mansour Al Zahrani Islamic
Khaled Al Gahtani Islamic
Abdullah Basfar Islamic
Mohammad Al Zahrani Islamic
Abdulaziz Al Hakami Islamic
Abdulaziz Al Zahrani Islamic
Alshatri Islamic
Abdulwali arkani Islamic
Hani Al Refai Islamic
Ahmed Al Hawashi Islamic
Khaled Abdulkafe Islamic

* Islamic includes Holy Quran, Anasheed (Islamic Songs), Prayers and more

Name Category Copyright
Hammad Al-Matrfy Poetry Hammad Al-Matrfy
Naif Saqer Poetry Naif Saqer
Mefleh Al-Salateen Poetry Mefleh Al-Salateen
Mohammed Bin Thabet Poetry Mohammed Bin Thabet
Al-Rasyh Poetry Al-Rasyh
Saif Al-Mutairi Poetry Saif Al-Mutairi
Abdullah Al-Alaoh Poetry Abdullah Al-Alaoh
Falah Al-Humaidan Poetry Falah Al-Humaidan
Mousa Sweedan Poetry Mousa Sweedan
Youssef Al-Khalaf Poetry Youssef Al-Khalaf
Saud Alhafi Poetry Saud Alhafi
Saleh Bin Aziz Poetry Saleh Bin Aziz
Ali Al-Raidy Poetry Ali Al-Raidy
Ayed Al-Qahtani Poetry Ayed Al-Qahtani
Abdul Aziz Al-Osaimi Poetry Abdul Aziz Al-Osaimi
Abdullah Allosh Poetry Abdullah Allosh
Bin Jdlan Poetry Bin Jdlan
Abdullah Al Bakr Poetry Abdullah Al Bakr
Sami Al-Azizi Poetry Sami Al-Azizi
Name Category Copyright
Shaggy English songs Universal
Santana English songs Universal
Akon English songs Universal
Eminem English songs Universal
Ashanti English songs Universal
Amy Winehouse English songs Universal
Nelly English songs Universal
TUM_TUM English songs Universal
50 CENT English songs Universal
Lionel Richie English songs Universal
Bob Sinclar English songs Universal
Mika English songs Universal
Fergie English songs Universal
Maroon English songs Universal
Pascale Picard English songs Universal
Pussycat Dolls English songs Universal
Ne Yo English songs Universal
Name Category Copyright
Mohammed Abduh Arabic Mohammed Abduh
Tamer Hosny Arabic Free music
Shereen Arabic Free music
Ehab Tawfeek Arabic High Quality
Hossam Hosny Arabic Free music
Hamada Helal Arabic Free music
Essam Karika Arabic Free music
Fares Arabic Free music
Lotfi Boshnaq Arabic Free music
Mohamed El-Helw Arabic Free music
Nadia Mustafa Arabic Free music
Hany Shaker Arabic Free music
Warda Arabic Free music
Sara Arabic Free music
Bahaa Sultan Arabic Free music
Rowida Attiya Arabic Free music
Reham Arabic Free music
Loai Arabic Free music
Mohamed Muneer Arabic Free music
Heba Mokhtar Arabic Free music
Haytham Shaker Arabic Free music
Khaled Ajaj Arabic Free music
Hasan Al-Asmar Arabic Free music
Salmah Arabic Free music
Hameed El-Shaeri Arabic High Quality
Medhat Saleh Arabic High Quality
Abdel Fattah Gerainy Arabic Perymidia
Dareen Arabic Free music
Mohamed Hamaki Arabic Delta sound
Akmal Arabic Delta sound
Moustafa Kamel Arabic Delta sound
Umm Kalthoom Arabic Arpu+
Abdul Haleem Hafiz Arabic Arpu+
Wadea Al-Safi Arabic Power me mobile
Fayroz Arabic Power me mobile
Asi Al-Hellani Arabic Power me mobile
Rashed Al Majed Arabic MBC
Mohammad Hamaki Arabic Alam Al Fan
Joseph Atyeh Arabic Star systems
Nancy Ajram Arabic Jean Marry Rechi
Hayfaa Wehbi Arabic Power me mobile
Alshawli Arabic MSM

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